Friday, April 20, 2012

felt jumper yarn tutorial

Here is how I make felt-jumper yarn from recycled jumpers that can be knitted or crocheted.

2 jumpers
3 pillow slips
6 rubber bands
washing machine

First cut the bands and seams from the jumper. You will need jumper that are pure wool and not too thick.
Cut into even strips - I usually do 1.5 cm but I have also tried 1 cm for thinner yarn.
This makes lots of fluffy mess so do it somewhere you don't mind getting covered in fibres. You need all the strips to be about the same length. The shorter lengths from the sides of the fronts and backs and sleeves can be grouped together in another batch.
Place the strips neatly together with the ends together. Place neatly into the pillow slip, laying them flat into the slip.
You need to not over fill the slip - movement with in it during the wash is part of the process.I put one jumper to a slip.
Put a rubber band around the ends - near the top because these pieces remain flat. Rubber bands work better than hair ties as they are stickier and are less likely to fall off.
I do three pillow slips full in each wash. Which is two jumpers -  and then a batch with the shorter pieces grouped together.
Place them in a  hot wash with some detergent or washing powder.

hey presto! 

The felt strips roll in on themselves to create the yarn. Sometimes they remain a little apart but you can roll them together more when they are wet by stretching them or giving them a roll between your hands - or just leave them like that. Dry the lengths of felt then stitch together. I just hand stitch the ends together and roll into balls. You can then knit the yarn on large needles or crochet it.

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