Friday, April 20, 2012

deja vu

Another bubble-and-squeak-made-from-the-left-overs moment.

This rug is made from the seams of felted jumpers. I started it last year but when I pulled it out to continue this year and add some more seams, I didn't like the shape. So I've unpicked, reworked it and added all the seams I had. Much better, don't you think?
Now I just want it finished but I can't wait for more left over seams. So I've come up with another way to finish it....will show you how in a minute... other countries have bubble and squeak? It's fried up left over mashed potato and vegies???It always tastes better than the original meal!


  1. Interesting rug. I've never heard of Bubble & Squeak in Texas. Do you have a recipe?

    1. I just had bubble and squeak for lunch! All you need are left over cooked vegetables - mainly mashed potatoes. I had potatoes, pumpkin (do you eat steamed pumpkin in US?) and beans left over from dinner. You put it in a hot fry pan or griddle with some oil or fat and press it in and wait for the bottom side to crisp up. Yum!