Saturday, December 17, 2011

sticky hand prints?

Here's a present for the kids to make...with some help of course...well, in all honesty they hardly do any of it! All they do is to provide the starting artwork. And annoy you while you try and do the rest. And make a mess. Hey, but it was fun. No. Really! 
So! Here's a present idea for you to make on behalf of your children...
Get the kids painting...(this is optional!) and while they are all mucky (this is also optional!) paint the kids hands and print them.(Not optional!)
When they are dry, cut them out (with a bit of extra space around the hand for trimming later). You can write the child's name and date on it as well if you like.
Stick them onto the self adhesive magnetic board and cut around.
Cover with clear contact if you want to make them water proof.

Some sticky fingers to leave at someone else's house! Lord knows there's enough mucky finger prints at this house already without needing the magnetic decorative kind as well! A good present for Grandmothers and Kinder teachers?

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  1. What an awesome idea .... I love that ... they look great. As if the kids wouldn't want to be involved, kids seem to love that sort of stuff.