Monday, October 10, 2011

Mixed bag

Blogging everyday can be hard. But here I go with Blogtoberfest Blog #10.

It's been one of those flat out days when it seems no matter how fast you go nothing gets done - probably because you're going too fast! Slow down! One thing at a time! One of those days that seems like two steps forwards and one step back then a do-si-do around the outside. One of those days when you don't get time to go to the toilet!

There's been Spring cleaning involving window washing, furniture moving, getting into those hidden dusty corners that dark old Wintry days seem to allow us to ignore. I made three dinners this morning to get a head start on the week and had the usual combination of regular housework and being interrupted to deal with the needs of the three little ones. It was kindergarten for the twins this afternoon which involved a lot of fluster and bluster to get out the door - including a last minute outfit change....for me! All that dusty cleaning had made me filthy!

With the twins taken care of, Baby Joe and I joined fellow sister outlaw Leanne at the studio for some packing.
I packed an elaborate lunchbox of snacks for Joe, some crayons, a truck, some trains and a Hairy Maclary dog. Phew! Thought that would keep him occupied.He certainly got grotty!

We packed some sugar skulls - bag tags and purses.....Halloween not far away!

And some Turtle doves.....Christmas not long after Halloween!

Then back to get the twins from kinder and home. Now time to make tortillas to go with dinner.
Thank goodness for blogtoberfest! Without it I may not have sat down!

I think maybe it is Baby Joe who is the most worn out!


  1. Wow, I'm exhausted just reading about all that you accomplish. What a busy person you are. AND you are making tortillas? Aren't you from Australia? I didn't realize y'all make tortillas. I know I'm sounding like a big dummy but....
    Hugs to you, Irene

  2. I love that you can manage spring cleaning in between everything else -- makes me hang my head in shame. Your skull and bird are beautiful, as is the sleeping Baby Joe. :)