Thursday, October 20, 2011


This blogging everyday sometimes feels like just "blah blah blah".  So I missed a day. My eldest daughter is coming down on me pretty hard about it too. I've "disappointed her"! Ha! BUT! I will do TWO posts today to make up for it.

Check out the inspiring blog advanced style which explores glamorous and stylish older women. In a culture that seems to worship the young and the youthful, it's wonderful to see the appreciation for the elders of fashion. Today's blog is on turbans...and there's also a great tutorial on how to turn your leggings and footless tights into a turban. Great for when you need to dye the roots of your hair and really can't be bothered...which is today for me!

Gloria Swanson eat your heart out....
or more Dorothy Lamour and add a BIG bow?....

or add your lunch to your turban like Carmen Miranda!Very versatile!The kids could just snack from it all day....


  1. Hey Carmen,oh..I mean Julianne. You looked fruity/south of the border scrumptious today. Thanks for visiting and delivering your sweet crocheted necklaces and crafty kits. I feel like Gleaners has got the kit and sweet necklacee market covered now!

  2. Where better to swan around in a turban than with you, Ms. Tutti Fruiti, at Gleaners inc?