Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So last year....

My brother in law, Peter, is a forensic scientist of Italian descent. His particular genetic collision  means that he likes things very clean and very white and has a keen eye that can spot a mark or a defect a mile away. I remember staying with them as a grotty punky teenager and I would wake up on the first morning to find my doc martins spit polished within an inch of their street cred.

When it came to building their new house last year, well the floors had to be white porcelain tiles – naturally! Can you imagine? Apparently it sparkles in the light of the ball shaped chandeliers (I kid you not).

The upshot is that no shoes are allowed in their house. So my sister Jo commissioned me with the task of making the whole family mary jane slippers (all except Peter of course!)I developed this pattern from a free baby bootie pattern,
and, with much tweaking, many mistakes,  massive brain fryage and experimentation I made fabric lined recycled jumper slippers (they live in chilly Warrnambool! Brrr!). I still have not visited Jo and Peter’s new abode. And daren’t take my rough and tumble kids anywhere near the place!

I also made a pair of Australiana inspired slippers for my daughter Hazel to take to France with her.

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