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Last year I sewed mary jane slippers but I’m a bit bored with them and this year wanted to make a different slipper. I've just been teaching myself to crochet and wanted to try out slippers. Although not for me. I only wear heels. Even while wearing slippers.

I found this crochet pattern: - 

and have translated into Australian/English crochet, tested it and tried it, and added a few notes and tips.
Here’s the translation:

To make adult sized slipper:
With 8mm hook and two yarns together
(I used scraps with no idea what ply they are. One looks to be about a 4ply and the other about 8ply)

Row 1: Ch 2 then dc 6 dc into the 2nd chain from the hook creating a circle.

Row 2:2 dc in each of the dc around (so you now have 12st)

Row 3: *1 dc in first dc, then 2 dc in the next* and continue this around until you have an ellipse that looks big enough for your toes. For a size 9-10 I continued until it measured 8.5 cm which was 24 stitches. For size 6-7 women’s I made the ellipse 7cm wide which was 21 stiches. Remember that the slipper has a bit of stretch.

Row 4- 15 Next continue to dc around for about 11 rows. Put a safety pin in to show where you started. This is to make the front of the mary jane -  the instep and sole of the slipper . I just continued until I thought I was up to the part on the foot where you want the mary jane cut out to be. For me this was  11 rows. Make a note so you can match the second slipper.

size 7 slipper front ready to start sides
Once you have the front of the slipper done you start the sides.

sl st in the next stitch, turn. dc into the stitch you just sl st in and then dc around the next row until you have 4 st left unworked  (this is the front of the opening cut out of the mary jane) Ch 1 and turn

dc into each dc (for me it was 23 stitches for size 9-10)then ch1 and turn

Continue this until the slipper is long enough for the foot ( for size 9-10 this was 18 rows)

Last row dc in each dc then finish off leaving a length of yarn to sew them up. Sew the heel together.

Then, starting at the heel, dc evenly around the opening of the slipper one or two rows. This can be done in a contrasting colour.

For the strap:Ch a length long enough to go across the foot and over the side then ch 6 more (I did a chain of 24)
To make the button loop, dc into the 6th chain from the hook (make it longer if you are using larger buttons) then continue to dc into the remaining stiches,

Along the opposite side row just worked, dc into each st and three in the loop finishing off with a length of yarn for stitching. I then did a row of dc in the contrast colour.
Sew in the strap remembering to make the slippers opposite. Sew the button on and sew in left over yarn pieces.

 For child sized slipper (pictured - it made about a kids size 9 slipper – the twins have massive feet) I used a size 6.5 mm hook and two yarns together both looked like 4ply to me)and in row three made the toe piece 18 stitches around and continued dc around from there for 11 rows as the pattern suggested but now I am more familiar with the pattern I would make the front bit shorter - say 9 rows)

I'm a novice at this crochet business and I managed these. Over at meet me at mikes there are some crochet tutorials. 

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And nobody
How cold my
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Are Growing.
(A.A. Milne)

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