Friday, May 6, 2011

“A Mother’s Help”

I found this in a Home Journal from April 1959
It says,:

Her family grows by twos and threes! Yes, twins AND triplets – and four strapping schoolboys!” There’s never a day that I’m not washing, Aunt Jenny,” says Mrs. Moran of Woodford Island, Clarence River, N.S.W., “and I’ve learnt over and over – for those little daily washes, nothing is so handy and economical as Velvet .”

Yep! That’s HAND WASHING! She also adds,

“I do mountains of dishes when they are at school,” says Mrs. Moran. “Doesn’t take long and Velvet suds are so easy on my hands”

Mrs. Moran of Woodford Island had nine children – including little twins and triplet babies - and a “mother’s help” was a bar of Velvet soap? Surely it was a bottle of gin????

I’m going to go and press the button on my washing machine and then press the button on the dishwasher and feel positively lazy!
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