Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's Day Stall

Remember the mother's day stall at primary school? Carefully looking over every single item and trying to choose the best thing possible for your 50c? Mum must have groaned as all her kids (she had six at primary school at one stage) brought home the little gifts. Surely she would have repackaged them for the following year's stall?
Not my mum! A very funny and very ugly "world's best mother" plastic figure, given to her by my brother Pat, remained on her dressing table long after it became discoloured and sun damaged -we're talking over fifteen years! And a freckle face plant my sister Kelly bought her was placed behind the t.v. and grew (from the radiation?) like a monster alien plant in Dr Who. Although it grew straggly and towered over us from the corner, Mum always looked after it, often commenting where it had come from, like it was an exotic treasure.
The sister outlaws have decided to have their own little Mother's Day stall this Saturday, the 7th of May, at the Fitzroy market
The market is open between 10am and 2pm and as well as our usual bounty of re-sew-cool kits, we will have a few last minute cards and gifts for mums -  like these made up versions of some of our brooches. 

I will be posting sneak peeks of other items as they materialise from the work bench. Better get to it!
(I must also add the Fitzroy Market is a fantastic spot for vintage clothes! Might even raid the wardrobe, sell some of mine and buy some new pieces.)

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