Friday, May 27, 2011

CRAFT crimes

As promised, some "Craft to be avoided" from the beloved “Golden Hands Encyclopedia of CRAFTS”

The more I look, the more I realise that the "recycling” and "money saving" crafts are the most guilty! Here are some hilarious examples of what not to do with old denim.

The handy light cover with pockets idea was so innovative it was featured twice! Once as a handy kitchen light ("Now where did I put the cork screw, honey? In the light shade pocket of course!So glad we have such a handy place to put things!What on earth did we do before we had such a handy light shade?" Perhaps it could be used for condiments and cuttlery???)

And the denim light cover appears again - this time with a group of crafty ladies doing macrame under it, utilising the pockets as handy holders for pens and brushes.

And don't these two girls look dead impressed with these foot stools made from old cans? I'm sure they toppled off as soon as the shutter went click. That's why they look so grumpy. It's take two and they are sitting very still and nursing bruised elbows. Mind you I'm seriously envious of the girl on the left's stripy socks and patent leather clogs!!!!
Oh and more denim - love the embroidered pocket detail from a pair of lovely flared Jo jeans no doubt.

And yes, my mother did make a version of these foot stools from beer cans(for you younger folk, beer cans were made of steel back then)and I also went to school with a bag made from the top of a LARGE pair of jeans, complete with pockets. Worse still, mine was made from WHITE denim. Hmmm. Guilty of craft crime!
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  1. Oh dear, it's all just sooo wrong!
    I do remember a time when you could stand on beer cans and they didn't crush.

  2. Yes we had a beer can replacing one of the legs of our couch when we were kids!