Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September Free Shipping Sale, and news on other fronts

Well! ( hands on hips.) Hello there! Let's see: -

  1. A brand-new stockist to mention! Onabee in downtown, lovely, hilly, charming Kensington, within cooee of the city of Melbourne. We have new stock there right now. Get over there, meet Fiona who runs the new but already chock-full shop. Get involved in one of her classes, browse for new yarn and/or needles, buy some handmade jewels or accessories, pick up a craft mag - most convivial! Oh, and alright if you insist, go and buy one of our kits there too!
  2. Did you think we'd finished mentioning brand-new stockists? Well no! In Hobart we have the craft hive, another hub of crafting knowledge and fun and action. They stock our kits under their category of "takeaway craft". Good description. Kristan from The Craft Hive has a website bulging with detail. If there's a craft you love that isn't mentioned there, I'd be surprised. They're in Liverpool Street, Hobart People - go and check them out! 
  3. Over at our own website we have cracked! We've busted out a September Free Shipping sale. At this stage, it's just for our Australian and New Zealand customers. But our hearts are easily melted - if you live outside one of those countries and wish to buy a kit, drop us a line. We'll try to give you free shipping too!
  4. Do you all know about our recently-added design? (Ooops, perhaps not, from my perusal of this blog.) Announcing a new brooch kit design: rain cloud! Sweet little project that we hope you like. 
  5. Other new stockists will spring up in the coming months - too early to announce exactly where just yet. Australia is crafting up!

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