Saturday, June 19, 2010

sugar skulls

Julianne has been cooking a new kit design for months, Leanne has been packing it like a maniac, and Lynne has just got around to listing it.  

Julianne really enjoyed experimenting with the design, and realized that there are endless possibilities for decorating these two-sided bag-tags.

We reckon the diverse range of expressions Julianne achieved in some of the samples displayed here show just how fun it is to make up this kit. Each sugar skull will have a unique appearance, depending on what you find in your particular kit, and how you choose to employ the materials.

For example. . .

embroider a third-eye flower centrally on the forehead, using daisy stitch with the yarn supplied in the kit
use crochet doily circles as eyes
use contrasting felt circles underneath the eyes, and buttons on top
embroider radiating motifs on the forehead using backstitch
go floral for the eyes and save the buttons to decorate the third-eye area
go tehuana and add a head dress from your own stash of lace

Available from our online shop, and from our little international stall on big cartel. We hope to add other stockists shortly. Let us know if you're interested.

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