Friday, April 17, 2015

Op shop Finds....

With the kids back at school this week the op shops have been singing their siren call. "Come to me Julianne! Come to me!" And I have.

In one shop I found: The Woman's Day Complete Book of Handicrafts. And goodness it is complete. Will share some of it in the coming weeks. The book is from 1974.
An Australiana tray which I just adore. I love kangaroos....
And some super thick wool which I've started knitting....
And there's even more but I won't want to make you explode with thrift envy so I will show you more....another day.


  1. What exciting finds you ran into. Can't wait to see your projects in the future.

  2. Oooh love the tray. Love the wool.

  3. I'm not exploded yet but bloated with thrift envy. You and that book...stand back, world - the yarn is flying! Your skills boggle the mind.