Thursday, February 12, 2015

Quick Valentine's Day Card to Print and Paste!

 Quick. Simple. Two cards, same design but different.  World or song? I printed and pasted onto vintage wallpaper but only because I had it on hand. I would have happily used bought blank cards.

You will need:
Blank cards or cardboard/paper for card base
Old atlas, old map ( or print out image below)
Old sheet music (or print some - plenty of free music available)
A printer
To make:
Print out image below with ribbon banner and heart template. I've even put on a blamk ribbon banner for your own message.

Then cut out music and/or map in a heart shape and glue to the centre of your card.
Carefully cut the matching ribbon banner message and glue it on! Viola!
Ah..another Valentine's activity another equals yet another corny song stuck in my head..."You're my world you're every breath I take you're my world you're every move I make..." Oh dear. Is it stuck in your head now too?

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