Thursday, February 5, 2015

Make Bright Crochet Coasters! How to!

Okay I know what you are all saying. "Neon is so last year..." Well. At risk of being "off trend" I've been using up this left over builder's line (or brick line) to make sturdy bright flower coasters for our up coming school fete. And no matter what the "trendmeisters" say, I think they are pretty swisho. Good for outdoors, easy to clean, cheap and cheerful.
You can buy brick line at the hardware store and it's very economical for crafting. And for those who can't face pink, orange or neon yellow, other hardware string is available in different colours!

1. I use a 3.50 hook. Begin with a magic circle. (I find a chain stitch foundation ring too bulky)Make a ring and slip stitch through. Then chain 3. This acts as your first treble. Then 15 treble into the ring and join with a slip stitch in the third chain of the first 3 chain treble. Pull the magic ring tight.


2. Chain 3. Again this acts as your first treble. Chain 2 (which makes 5 chain in a row) then treble into same place as you began. This creates a little triangle. skip the next stitch then *1 treble 2 chain 1 treble* into next stitch. Repeat * * around the circle then join with a slip stitch into the third chain of the first three chain mock treble.  You should have 8 2 chain spaces (or triangles)

3.Slip stitch into the 2 chain space and then chain 3 (yep, you guessed it, it acts as your first treble). Then treble into the space, chain 1, 2 treble into the same space then 1 double crochet into next stitch. Now you are creating scallop petals. Continue around in this way - *2 treble, 1chain, 2 treble then double crochet into next stitch.*

4. In the last row you don't need to start with a 3 chain treble. Simply do 3 trebles into chain space from the previous row, then 1 chain and 3 treble into the same space, then 1 double crochet into next stitch (the double crochet from the previous row) continue around with *3 treble I chain 3 treble in chain space and 1 double crochet in next stitch and then slip stitch into top of first treble. And fasten off! Use a large tapestry needle to thread through your ends.

Now get yourself a drink and get out into the sunshine!