Friday, February 27, 2015

I'm a Basket Case!

I'm recycling anything I can get my hands on for the school fete environment stall. My fabric stash is now pleasantly depleted! Much of it was scraps, old curtains, small pieces, tablecloths, sheets - stuff I didn't want to sew but couldn't throw away.

Basically, I find this basic sort of crocheting very easy and well...basic. Which is sometimes good for my buzzing brain. Because really. Basically, I am a basket case.


  1. Cool baskets and what a great imagination you have to turn scraps into beauty. WTG!

    1. Well I'm not as clever and patient as you with all those lovely quilts Irene! But these are nice and quick to make so good for the fete!

  2. Those baskets are SUPER clever! I still bleat regularly about learning to crochet. I had no idea I could do things like this.
    A caftan, you say?! Yes, please, my darling! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX