Sunday, December 7, 2014

More Bird Decorations - Keeping it Eco

Similar ingredients to the last bird decorations - just in different measure. And no sewing.

The main bird bodies are recycled wallpaper - one side of the wallpaper is the height of seventies fashion - BROWN contrasted with BROWN, highlighted with A TOUCH OF GOLDY BROWN on a BROWN base. Mmm. Where's my crochet hostess gown, fibre optic lamp and shgpile carpet to match? Yes -but it's not so festive. However, the other side is a wholesome embossed natural off white. Goes well with recycled coffee sack, no?

Simple - cut, glue, bit of ric rac, pom pom trim feet, hessian scrap for a wing and a button eye...or not. I like mine eye free I must admit.

 Here's the template I made - (you will have to play around with the size because I haven't sussed out attaching pdf's yet.)
And here's another template to try...get crafting!

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