Friday, October 31, 2014

Frocktober Day 31! Finale! My Frockiest Frock!

We're one day away from the beginning. What? The beginning? Am I confused? Topsy Turvy? Deranged? No I know what I'm talking about - we're one day away from the beginning....of PANTSVEMBER! 
Really I think frocktober has cured me of frocks. Here's my fanciest frockiest frock for the last day. It's fifties, it's frothy, it's flocked and it's pretty darn special.
Frocktober has been all of the frocktabularse fundraising fun I thought it would be and then some. I aimed to raise $500 and I've raised three times that. Your kindness and encouragement have made me feel terrific. Just goes to show what a generous community we live in and what a worthy cause ovarian cancer research is.
Because, laydeez, ovarian cancer sucks big time. It's insidious, difficult to diagnose and detect and then it kills you. One woman in Australia dies from it every ten hours. Gosh that's CRAP. What an evil slimy motherfrocker that ovarian cancer is.

The money donated to frocktober goes directly to the ovarian cancer foundation who aim to develop an early detection test. Because if you've been listening, you would know by now that a pap smear DOES NOT DETECT OVARIAN CANCER. But an early detection test would stop that nasty slimy tumour in it's tracks! 

  All the wonderful smiles, support, cheers, donations and frocking solidarity has made frocktober a joy to be part of. Special thanks to Helga for guest frocking, Kylie for cheering, Melita for inspiration, Eilis the frocktober friend, Patricia for frocking up and all the Made in Merri craft ladies. Youse all FROCK! And to each of my kids who all had to indulge me and photograph me! Thanks!
Now don't get teary, but here's a farewell frocktober film, "All Dressed up With No Place to Go"

You can still donate! HERE! 

You'll all be very relieved that you won't be seeing my mug on the internet for some time Hooray! Now...where are my tracky dacks? Oh that's right....I don't have any!


  1. What a wonderful grand finale Julianne! Brava! Congratulations and thank-you for frocking up so beautifully throughout October, and for raising all that dosh for research into ovarian cancer - I know from experience that it's not as easy as it looks ;)

    p.s. I feel like sending you a pair of tracky-dacks, but I know you'd NEVER wear them!


    1. Could not have done it with out your example, your encouragement and cheering Kylie. You made it a pleasure!

  2. ooo, this one is super stunning! You are a trouper, darl. I loved every frock...but can't imagine how one could EVER be cured of frocks!

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