Monday, October 20, 2014

Frocktober Day 20!!! The Higher the Hair......

The closer to Jesus.
Have you ever noticed the correlation between country singers hair in the 70's and their christianity? The higher the hair, the closer to Jesus? Yes I know - I should do a phd on it. Check out Wanda Jackson here!
So I'm doing my best to match HIGH HAIR with my 'Loretta Lynne Dress'. That's what my partner has always called this dress. And it's true. Loretta was a fan of the long sleeve dress with spangles.

 But I call it my "Gayle dress" because Gayle gave it to me. She was the vice principal where my kids went to primary school. They used to call her "Skeletor" - yeah kids! So mean! She was very thin and never smiled and we were all a bit scared of her. One day she called me over for a chat and I thought the kids were in trouble. But in fact, she wanted to give me 3 amazing bridesmaid frocks from 1971! The hot pink one I wore on day 8 was one, there was a white one with 3d flower sleeves that has since been given away in an over generous moment to a young friend who looked so amazing in it and this one. The BRIGHT LUMINOUS RED BEADED AMAZINGLY MADE LONG SLEEVED BUTTON BACK Loretta Lynne dress. And you know - poor Gayle was thin and unhappy because she was going through a really tough time. She came out the other side and blossomed again - got rosier cheeks and we all got to see her generous soul.
I know there are many a generous soul out there too so donate to the ovarian cancer research foundation if you can. As my friend Kylie said - it's a no brainer! Donate here. Ovarian cancer kills a woman in Australia every 10 hours and developing an early detection test is the key to beating it.

Don't forget the Mexican stuff you can buy and the proceeds will go to frocktober. Make an offer - no offer too small so don'e be shy! I will cover the postage.

Now here's Loretta Lynne singing "Fist City". What song and what singer!



  1. Honestly... Fist City? I'm blushing!

  2. OOOO! This is a divoon frock! Love the story of Gayle......there is always a story behind appearances.
    (will sort some pix form my weekend out tonight!)