Sunday, October 12, 2014

Frocktober Day 12 Lost in the bush...

Yes - I live in inner city Melbourne. And yes - this is a short ride down the road. This morning we went for a bike ride to the creek to look for lizards.
Yes - I wore this flouncy 70's frock, hot pink platforms and giant beads to look for lizards. It's FROCKTOBER!

 Up close you can see the fabric is a fine multi coloured stripe.

We found lots of lizards and this cubby. Here are my photographers in the cubby. They did a great job huh? When we were riding a woman asked me where was my helmet. I replied that my teased hair would give my a soft landing. Really. A helmet? With this frock?
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  1. I love these photos, your frock and THAT BAG Julianne.
    We used to take our dogs for walks and doggy swims at Merri Creek.
    You are doing a great job. Your Frocktober posts are a real treat x

    1. We are lucky to live a stone's throw from the creek. You can forget the city a little bit while you are there...and the yellow bag is op shopped Italian and my summer bag so it got a run yesterday - freezing today though.

  2. ROWR! You gorgeous minx! Perfectly dressed for lizard hunting. I love lizards!
    I'd be thrilled to be a guest frocker-emailing now! XXX

    1. Helga you are simply the cats whiskers! We saw lots of little gecko lizards yesterday all scurrying about in the warmth.