Tuesday, September 9, 2014

plastic fantastic!

Ah... young people today.....so hard to lead astray.

My good friend Kasia and I like to recycled plastic bags into plastic yarn - "plarn, darling" and then crochet with it or write on fences with it. We call ourselves "the town plarners."

Today we took part in the school art workshops. We thought we would teach the kids to do plarn graffiti for themselves - surely a handy life skill? Instead they wanted to learn to crochet. Also a handy life skill...
They crocheted plarn into long chains and wove with them.

Here they are learning how to turn plastic bags into handy plarn.

And who knows...they may go forth and write  radical or not so radical messages on fences one day...

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  1. Fantastic! I want to be a kid again. 'town plarners' -- love it!!