Friday, May 30, 2014

70's does 30's/ 40's - my favourite!

Am I the only person who searches "70's does 40's" or  "70's does 30's" on Etsy? I have a real affection for 1970's clothes that reference the thirties and forties.
Sweetheart necklines, gathers and puffs - but all in 1970's prints, fabrics and colours. I seem to get endless delight from it!
I wore this dress to my 25th birthday party - so yeah - I've had it a loooooooooooooong time....
This one has the gathered shoulder yokes, puffs, collar AND flying ducks! 
Another sweetheart neckline, fancy sleeves with a modern print.
Didn't even get to dressing up in the puff sleeve maxi dresses that skim the hips and swish with frills at the bottom. 

The 1970's had a spate of great films set in the 1930's too - Chinatown (1974),
Faye Dunaway

 The Day of the Locust (1975) with the wonderful Karen Black
 Paper Moon (1973) with Madeline Kahn
and of course it started with Bonnie and Clyde in the late 1960's
Faye Dunaway
But best of all is 1970's does 1930's and 1940's in KNITTING! Complete with Rosie the Riveter head scarf!


It doesn't get much better than that for me. I've had this book for an eon and never knitted anything from it but I did find this cross over cardi from the book in the op shop some years back - it's even knitted in the same colours. If only I could find the shorts.....

What's your favourite reinterpretation of an era? 80's does 40's is pretty good  - structural peplums and shoulder pads! Very Dynasty!


  1. I love your photos and am absolutely with you regarding 70s interpretations of previous decades. I would also include the late 60s fascination with Victoriana, reinterpreted with a dose of kitsch -- but there I am probably thinking more in terms of illustration than fashion. As I write, I have a half sewn dress in the kitchen. Rayon fabric from Etsy, which the seller claimed was from the 1940s. I pondered it last night and hoped it was actually a 70s reinterpretation of the 40s, not least as then it will be less likely to fall apart after a couple of washes.

    By the way -- Julianne you are completely amazing for being able to fit into your old clothes so beautifully, especially given all of the changes your body has been through!

  2. Ooh YES! I love kitschy 60's does Victoriana too - those high necks and frilly fronts. Can't wait to see your half made dress completed!