Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine message parcels

This year, my 6 year old twin girls are fascinated with St. Valentine's Day - even though they can't quite figure out what it is about. Join the club!

To surprise them, I thought I'd make them a little gift. Because I think with all the silly romantic hype and commercialism that hangs around St Valentine's day like a bad smell, it's good to remember that all sorts of love can be celebrated - even a mumsy love.

Wanda likes nuts - so she has pistachios.

Pepper likes to garden - so she has a packet of flower seeds.

I used plastic transparent printable sheets printing the message and template heart.
I cut two matching sized hearts from interfacing ( because I have a big roll of it that a factory was throwing out - but I like the frosted, misty look it gives too)

I used the sewing machine to stitch it together, filling the parcel before finally sealing it. Happy St. Valentine's Day!


  1. Very sweet Julianne.

    (have you received your frock yet?)


    1. received on Tuesday and worn out on Wednesday night and felt a gazillion dollars! Will send photos! I love it xx

  2. ohsogladyougotitandloveitjulianne.somethingwrongwithmykeyboard-obviously.