Saturday, November 9, 2013


It has to be said - I had too much fun making these nichos. Playing with colour, flowers pom poms, cacti, skulls and Fridas - what's not to like?!

Now available at My Mexican Donkey Pop up Shop at Gleaners Inc in Brunswick (although a couple didn't make it that far and got sold en route!)


  1. Replies
    1. Oh I am honoured that you like these Helga - because I LOVE everything about YOU!

  2. I have a great vision of you being mobbed on the way to delivering these to the Gleaners Inc. store. I hope the mobbers didn't mess up your hair!

    1. No one touches the hair Melita!! And yes, I get mobbed whenever I leave the house! (In truth I ran into an old friend who took a fancy to them and handed over the cash!)