Tuesday, March 12, 2013

this week's playlist

making: this crocheted baby outfit - no I'm NOT up the duff (five kids is enough!) but I am going to be a Great Aunty. I remember when I was having my first baby,  receiving beautiful soft parcels from my Great Aunties -  who had much better skills than me... and were surely much older....

listening to: Rodriguez Daytrotter session
I have, like many others, discovered the music of Rodriguez through the amazing documentary 
"Searching for Sugarman" 
watching: see above! Searching for Sugarman won best documentary at the 2013 oscars

discovering: The your brain matters 21 day heart your brain challenge!
Sign up for the challenge to make your brain healthier in 21 days...Me and my brain are going to have some fun with this.

reading: New Scientist

wearing: All of my favourite sunfrocks - because it's hot!

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