Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013....getting back into the swing of things

Well I am trying to get back into the swing of things. The rhythm of the days has all gone awry what with Christmas and Summer and holidays and lazing around. Mind you, it hasn't been all sunshine and unicorns at sister outlaws head quarters  - but will tell you more of that later.

A New Year is an arbitrary structure but it is still good to take stock and make plans. Isn't it? 
The amazing and energetic Emma over at Frog, Goose and Bear has a word for each year. This year, for her, it is "breathe". Big deep breaths. I reckon for me it is "expand". I'm starting to feel the shackles of containment loosening - the twins will be in school this year and I will only have one child at home. So I will have more time ( or so I think). Time for what? For outlaw re-sew-cool business of course and for sweet by and by making and for markets........ and maybe for a few other ventures as well. It may not turn out that I have more time for these things - but I may have more time to eat and drink water.....and breathe.....maybe...

I will keep in touch about my expansion ideas - Sounds like I'm planning a world take over, doesn't it??? Watch out world...cue the strange hand gesture and maniacal laughter......brooh-haa-haa-haaaaaaaa

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  1. Expand. I like it a lot!! New year is a time for dreaming big - we won't know ourselves!!! If only this "more time" thing would hurry up and start already! Although that would mean I'd have to be all sorted for school starting and I'm totally not!