Sunday, December 2, 2012

paper elf advent calendar

I can see why it's a good idea to keep advent calendars simple - making 24 or 25 of something is a lot of making! These little elves got wonkier and wonkier as the hour got later and later.
I used pre-cut paper dolls for this and paper and paint to decorate. Stickers for the number.And cut many hats, faces, tunics and collars. Call me lazy, but I gave up when it came to making 48 little shoes.

The presents are wish stars from recycled sheet music (my piano playing days are on there is no piano...) There is a clear tutorial for making these on Creative Chaos Art. They can be made in many sizes. Inside each star  is a message with a Christmas activity or idea.

Next year I'll be keeping it simple. And I'm working on an elf paper doll template...I'll share it when it's ready...


  1. The wonkier the better in my opinion (although these don't look wonky at all to me!)
    They are very cute, Ibet your kiddos - and everyone else - loves them.

    1. I must admit a bit of wonkiness gives them character and movement. Old fashioned crafting!

  2. love! especially love all of the different expressions on their faces. your kids will have lots of fun with these and if you're lucky you'll get to use it next year too.

  3. What!? No chocolate or lollies inside the stars? I'm pleased to hear that you drew the line at the shoes, otherwise I would have begun to worry...