Friday, November 23, 2012

Maribyrnong Maker's Market - Tomorrow!

It's reached that point - the blur of the to do list, the slight feeling of nervousness - Have I packed enough? Will anyone buy anything? Will everything go smoothly? What have I forgotten? 

It's market day tomorrow!

The sister outlaws will be selling their Christmas wares at the Maribyrnong Maker's Market

In preparation today I did a bit of a trial run of the set up in the back yard. Just to make the back yard even crazier! Some neon pom poms to decorate the umbrella are needed I think!
And we have been making some new display samples of the re-sew-cool kits too!

Okay! I'd better get back to it. Where's that list?? 

If you are in the area tomorrow, please come and say "Hello!"



  1. Wowee it looks amazing! Have a blast and sell out.

    1. Thanks Cam! Obviously there will be loads of kits in those boxes and samples dangling and other such finishing touches!

  2. Wow, looks great! Neon pom poms on the umbrella will make it PERFECT!

  3. I wish I was going to be in the area. Sounds like a lot of fun. You'll do well!