Saturday, October 6, 2012

Writing everyday Day 6 of Blogtoberfest

Mum at 18
When my parents were courting, my Dad was in Melbourne studying to be a teacher and my Mum was in a small country town, working in the bakery. My Dad would write to Mum every day.  Every day! Mum wouldn't have written to him often because she didn't like writing letters and in fact she found it a chore to even write something on a card.

Mum and Dad, just engaged.
But Dad was good with words - he loved to tell a story, sing a song or recite a poem. I remember sitting on Mum's bed when I was a teenager, sitting on this quilt, made my Granny, and Mum getting a box down from the top shelf of her wardrobe. We sat together and she showed me some of letters from Dad. Many were just a short note and a drawing. When Dad couldn't think of anything to write he would just draw her a picture.

Mum and Dad, just Married.
Blogging everyday in Blogtoberfest is really hard. So some days, I think I will have to be like Dad and just have pictures.


  1. Your parents are gorgeous. When I was 22 and my now husband was living in Berlin, I wrote to him every day. I didn't mail a letter every day; I probably sent a letter once a week, but I definitely wrote something to him every day.

  2. I'm finding it difficult to write without pictures for Blogtoberfest. I love the photo of your parents on their wedding day. I think people should bring back the confetti to weddings.

  3. Beautiful photos of your parents. Thanks for sharing stories of them with us. I know what you mean about the difficulty of finding a topic to blog about each day of Blogtoberfest. I'm still waiting for inspiration for my blog today...

  4. pictures tell a thousand words don't they? Works for me! Nice post!