Sunday, October 14, 2012

Virtual Renovating

Hang on a minute - where am I? This looks different, huh?
Old friends, yes the blog looks different. New friends - welcome - I tidied up before you arrived.

For those of us blogging in Australia, Blogtoberfest and Spring are synonymous. It's about new friends, new blogs, lots of visitors (welcome!) and a burst of energy. And it coincides with that Spring cleaning/renovating feeling that is a biological imperative in Spring (I truly think it IS biological)

So I've been tinkering with renovating the blog because, well...because that seems more achievable that dealing with the house!

Now I am no tech head- in fact, I'm a Luddite. Thankfully, over at red parka diaries there are some great tutorials from her technical Tuesday series. With her help I got rid of the frames around the photos and the shadow boxes. Thanks Ms Parka!(She has an excellent giveaway happening too!)

I designed the new header in Adobe illustrator (which I use for the illustrations in our re-sew-cool craft kits) and used elements from the kit drawings for the decorations on the blog. 

As for the buttons on the sidebar - well! Phew! It's been a roller coaster ride on the technical learning curve. Finally I've managed it and I feel like doing a little "I did it! I did it" dance.

With the help of these pages:
Blogging with kids 
(I figured if it was for kids it would be simple)
musings of a housewife

I have discovered:
how to save a photoshop image as a gif for the web.
how to use photobucket
how to use html code in blogger.

All you clever bloggers out there probably find all this very simple. But I found it all new and tricky.

What do you think of the new look? I'm in the middle of working out how to provide the old header image as a blog button with a grab box. But doing crochet and stitching and sewing seems so much easier!!


  1. Love the new header and spiffy blog buttons! Very very cool. Now all I want to do is go and play in illustrator but I'm supposed to be doing my tax return!

    1. There were a millioin other things I "should" have been doing Cam! I find this sort of thing VERY hard but I was determined to work it out. You're a whiz! Just realised I need to add your wonderful blogtoberfest blog button again!

  2. Nice new header even if I'm partial to the cute little tree on your old one. The buttons are great. They make one want to click on them because they look so interesting. I hadn't known you have a facebook page before. I went there and "liked" you. It's great to learn new things and you did great. Yes, I prefer sewing and crocheting to working on my blog too.

    1. Thanks Irene - the old header will be recycled into a blog button that you can "grab" I hope. It's also our postcard which will be reprinted soon. I'll send you one!

  3. I like it! And I'm impressed. And I thought I was good working out how to embed a YouTube video!

    1. Your blog looks great! i found this a real brain fry but once it all clicked it was fun. Sort of. Still getting used to the new look though.


    1. Your blogs always look wonderful Liz because they are full of your wonderful Betty Jo goodness!!!