Wednesday, October 31, 2012

There's a zombie on the lawn!

 Halloween started this morning with a visit to Gleaners Inc to deliver some sugar skull garlands. I made these ones a bit rockabilly with lots of black decorative stitching and finished on vintage black ric rac

 Liz is hosting a wonderful Day of the Dead exhibition - I got a sneak peek and was dead impressed (no pun intended?) with the wonderful skully art work on display! Looking forward to the opening!
 Then I had a zombie on my lawn!
 My daughter Mattie is studying costume and make up and went to town on her five year old sister Pepper.
Pepper is playing the part to the hilt! Her identical twin sister Wanda doesn't like it at all and says it's too scary.


  1. Hey, you did it. Congratulations on completing Blogtoberfest. I enjoyed reading all your posts. I see ya'll are already off to having a happy Halloween. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for delivering your Garlands. They look brilliant strung up over the stairway! Did the zombie go trick or treating?. My little Freddie Kruger came home with a bag of sugary loot, including a muslie bar and dried apricots from the boring house!!