Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blogtoberfest Fatigue Syndrome

Does this count? A blog about blogtoberfest? I have blogtober-fatigue. I’m tired. We’re in the last stretch of the marathon and my legs are like jelly.  Or more precisely, my typing fingers and thinking brain are like jelly. Today I hate blogtoberfest.  Who invented it? Whose idea was it anyway? Where are they? I want to track them down and fall at their feet, burst into tears and blubber "It’s all too hard. I can't go on!"
 So this is the part in the marathon where you rely on clichés. You "dig deep”  because "your back’s against the wall", you’ve got to "take it the next level", "step up to the plate", "play hardball" because "the ball’s in your court". "Don’t pull any punches", take it "one blog at a time" and "give it 110%".

Blogging. Why? Why do we do it to ourselves? Answer? Community. It’s all about establishing communities and connections, isn’t it? (Which is why it has such a strong appeal to mothers who feel isolated through being stay at home parents.) It’s about finding interesting things – learning things, being inspired, moved, finding something different or just recognising ourselves. It's realising you are not alone. It's getting to know people. 

Last night I took the time to look through the list of blogtoberfest participants – I didn’t make it all the way of course but I had a look and found new blogs to follow. It made me think about what I like in a blog. Crochet, it seems, is rather high on my list! But other stuff too – images, topics. It’s easier to say what you don’t like about a blog, isn’t it? I won’t put out my gripes here because they are pretty idiosyncratic to my particular sensibilities and grumpiness! And I realise everyone is different in that regard. 

When I was clicking on links I accidentally clicked on my own! So I looked at my blog from an outsiders perspective - from a reader’s perspective.

So blogtoberfest12 has made me feel immersed in blogging and it’s made me want to make some changes and improvements. I’ve decided on a few things.

1 to have more consistency – maybe some regular themes for certain days.

2 to have more tutorials 

3. to tell you all more about myself (but not too much information)

What do you think? What do you look for in a blog? What has blogtoberfest done for you?

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  1. Oh, Julianne, I can definitely relate to your feelings about Blogtoberfest. Some days I wonder why I ever decided to participate since I feel like I'm probably boring to anyone who happens upon my blog. I do, however, always enjoy what you have to say. You have such a lively, energetic, uplifting way of looking at things. Please do not ever think you have nothing to say. I like your ideas for blogging. I've made one tutorial and have two more in the works but have not finished them. I don't know that you need regular themes as you always seem to come up with interesting topics.