Monday, October 22, 2012

Apples of my eye

These sweet wooden apple coasters were given to my by fellow sister outlaw, Leanne. (There are six in all.)I just love them. For ages I've had a plan to put a portrait of each of my children in them. (There are five in all.) I was going to attempt to paint/draw little images of each child, but who do I think I am? Jane Austen?

So I needed something easier, faster and more effective for now. I was so impressed with our shadow drawing the other day and how the profile silhouettes really captured each person, so I decided to work on that idea. It's all still a work in progress (that's the thing with blogtoberfest, isn't it? Blogging before finishing!)But here is the process so far. 

Firstly I took a profile photo of each of the children (well the ones I could track down. Today that was only four out of the five). I put the images into photoshop to make them the correct size and also made them black and white to make the outlines clearer.

So the rest I'm still working out! The one above, Joe, I printed, cut out and painted. A bit messy really. So then I thought if I printed them on coloured paper I could cut them out and used the reverse side.

I'm pretty happy with this technique but it is fiddly. Next up I'll try tracing each profile onto canvas and painting it very carefully

So - another WIP!!!

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  1. Nice project. Those profiles are perfect. I'm always amazed at the interesting projects you keep coming up with