Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fight Dementia Challenge Day 2

Well I thought maybe I was cheating with this Day 2 Challenge to fight Dementia by challenging my craft skills. This pattern isn’t exactly a new stitch – it’s all just double crochet. But it’s  a completely new technique for me.
Man was I wrong that it wouldn’t be a technical and mental stretch! My neural pathways are more tangled than my six...hang on make that seven....balls of very thin bamboo  yarn.


The geometric pattern is from this great eighties pattern book (which I’m hoping to plunder for great patterns to make!).


You read the graph across left to right then back right to left but your first row from left to right is your wrong side and the right to left is right side...right???

Single colour project tomorrow me thinks.....


  1. That black and white 80s knit is very Sweet and Sour! Bamboo yarn, huh? Didn't know that existed. Surprised your neural pathways are not completely knotted (rather than just tangled!).

  2. The book is FULL of ACE (as we said in the '80s) and TOPS (remember that one?) designs including some wonderful cushions I would love to make.