Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our Patterns and Instructions Are Now For Sale!

Do you like the sister outlaw bag-tag designs but don't necessarily want to buy the whole kit and caboodle? Do you want to make them from your own felt supplies? From fabric? Or even make the designs in paper? Make them into a toy or mobile rather than a bag-tag?
Well! Now you can!

The fully illustrated instructions and patterns for 11 bag-tag designs are now for sale on our website.  Even our discontinued kit designs like the robot. All you have to do is pay, download, print and get stitching!
Here's an example of an illustrated instruction...
So if you are feeling crafty and want to make a sister outlaw design with your own supplies you can do just that! Choose from apple, donkey, echidna, fruit tree, owl, peacock, robot, sugar skull or toadstool (with lovebird and mr fox available soon!).

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