Saturday, June 2, 2012

On the Move.

Leanne with the bales of jumpers
This past six weeks, the sister outlaws have been gradually moving out of our studio. For three years we have had a studio space in a warehouse with several other artists, including wonderful Carmen Reid, currently exhibiting in the Brunswick Artspace show called "First and Last" at The Counihan Gallery in Brunswick, and Robbie Rowlands, a wonderful sculptor and generous supporting soul. 
It was inspiring to be around such folk and to have somewhere to nick off to on Sunday! However, with all the kids and everything else, getting to the studio was never easy. The warehouse space is going to be demolished in the next six months and, you guessed it, a multistory apartment block will replace it.
So we've spent weeks sorting, down-sizing and streamlining our production. Now we have set up shop in the back room of my house. I'm still working through things and finding things and rearranging things. But, for now, we have this workable space just at my back door.


  1. Ooh, I like that cupboard. I'm assuming the Counihan Gallery is named after Noel Counihan? You just reminded me of how much I love his work - I discovered a book about him in the library when I was at high school and he got me into doing lino and wood cuts. I must reacquaint myself with his work!

    1. Yes the gallery was opened in 1999 in honour of Noel Counihan. And that cupboard was a "brek-up" present to myelf when I left my husband in 1998! He hated my style and my stuff (a style tyrant architect!) so I loved getting this and have vener had the heart to let go of it. It means a lot to me! Glad you like it!