Thursday, June 21, 2012

Last Chance to Shop at Job Warehouse!

Job Warehouse is a Melbourne institution. An amazing Aladin's cave overflowing with rolls and rolls of fabric - not to mention the piles of haberdashery, ribbons, fake flowers, collars, shirts and hats. It has been in the same location for 60 years and pretty much every crafter and stitcher has a story of being kicked out of there by the late Jacob Zeimer who couldn't stand a dilly dallying shopper who didn't know exactly what they wanted. Which was pretty hard considering how much there was to choose from!!
An article in The Age today by Carolyn Webb laments the demise of the large amazing fabric retailer. It will close the doors next Friday.

Fellow sister outlaw, Leanne, and I had a memorable trip to Job Warehouse last year when we bought enough trims to last us a lifetime. Mind you, I'm still tempted to go and shop there again. Just one last time. It's hard to believe it will be gone.


  1. Job Warehouse sounds like such an interesting store. Wish I was there to shop before it closes. You should go one last time.

  2. Yes I think I will have to go one more time! It is quite an experience. They have lots of vintage stock too - old things from the fifties nad sixties still in the packaging! And fabric never goes astray, does it?!!

  3. I have such an ambivalence towards Job Warehouse -- even though I have been lucky to score some amazing things from the 6 foot high pile in the second room that is to the right when you walk in. (Many people don't even notice that room is there, so overwhelming is the first room!) In fact, I feel sad and angry that many of the treasures in there were not looked after and have been allowed to rot. What do those men do all day?!

    1. I think you have articulated something I have felt but not figured out. It's a strange place - the owners are unwelcoming and arogant about selling to customers but it have that strange contradiction of not looking after the wares. It's like a destructive co-dependent relationship -they love/hate the stock but won't let go of it!!!