Friday, June 29, 2012

Give the people what they want.

What do they want? Short scarves and mustard.

Something I am really enjoying about the Saturday markets (besides getting out of the house!) is having the chance to talk to people and get feedback on what I'm making. Apparently, other people don't want to wear a gazillion clashing colours as I do (go figure!) but  seem to love muted earthy tones. And short scarves - they want their scarves short and no nonsense.

So introducing the recycled jumper short scarf.

Let's see if they sell!


  1. Mustard Shmustard! Give me pinks and lime green and orange and Turquoise.
    These scarves are ace and if they dont sell I'm a monkey's uncle. BTW you know where to send them after the markets!

  2. I normally prefer long scarves, but your new short scarves look great!

  3. Lovely scarves. I like the longer ones for myself and right now it's 104 degrees F. in Texas so scarves are the last thing on my mind. I also prefer the loud, clashing colors :)

  4. I just think that making scarves from jumpers is a brilliant idea!! I'be always been a boring blue/grey girl, but I'm trying to branch out and go bolder with accessories and in winter a scarf is the ultimate practical accessory.