Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday night follow up

Recently I had a rant about the terrible expense of dental care in Australia and the need for a subsidised dental health scheme, as supported by the Greens. 
Well, announced in the budget was a $500 million dentistry package! $345.9 million will go towards treating patients on waiting lists – that’s for 400, 000 adults! Hooray!
Read more about it here.
Has it really only been one week since mothers' day? This  article  from The Hoopla was written by Catherine Walsh(Motherhugger blog) about the origins of Mothers' day and why the apostrophe counts!
Did your Mothers' Day involve playing the "role" of mother as dictated to you by the media and consumerism?Should Mothers' Day be used as a day of protest and to raise awareness of important causes faced by mothers and children throughout the world? I think it's up to us mothers to reclaim the day and make it worthwhile.

And as to the Fitzroy Market stall yesterday, it was fantastic! Despite the wet start to the day we managed to get some clear weather and had fun selling jumpers. Hazel and I put bets on which jumpers would be impossible to sell. And who would have thunk it? The two we chose were the FIRST to sell - Mrs 3D Grape Jumper...
and Mr Strange Fuji-Xerox jumpers were first to go! 
Just goes to show that I can't read public taste at all!

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