Wednesday, May 2, 2012

mother's day giveaway!

Yes - Mother's Day. It's coming up! So many of these celebrations are consumed by nasty consumerism. It is tempting to "opt out" isn't it? However, the sister outlaws are all mothers so we are very keen to counter some of the disposable throw-away consumerism of the day with some sustainable eco-crafty-giftiness!!

To be in the running to receive either a re-sew-cool apple tree brooch kit, a lovebird brooch kit or a queen stamp brooch kit.........simply leave a comment on this page OR go to our re-sew-cool facebook page and "like" us and leave a comment there. Let us know which kit you would like!

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous brooches! My favourite would have to be the bird. I particularly love the one with the blue ribbon and white ricrac, but they really are all gorgeous. The stamp and tree are also gorgeous!