Thursday, April 26, 2012

caped crusader

Well yes, the weather in Melbourne has certainly been on the chilly side of ...well...chilly. And yes, normally I would not like this at all. But the brrrrr in the air has given me the opportunity to swan about in my recently acquired knitted cape.

Complete with hearts and flowers, scalloped edge AND collar - not to mention windmill buttons.

I'm not quite Meleficant from "Sleeping Beauty"...or Patricia Neal in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Now they really knew how to work the cape!Complete with a turban! Hmm.. I like it!
Isn't the cape above just glorious? It's a Pauline Trigere design. I found some Pauline Trigere vintage dresses for sale here for anyone with a few spare $$$$$
I'm loving my caped crusading days!



  1. You look gorgeous!!!! That cape is incredible, if I owned that I would never take it off. What a shame it's going to be 23 degrees today....

    Love all the woolly posts. :)

  2. You got style, lady! Are they cowboy boots you are wearing with that cape? And I want a close up of the windmill buttons.

    1. They are indeed cowboy boots. Very fancy ones too, all the way from Texas. I was in a vintage clothes shop the other day and overheard some young things saying "Cowboy boots are so, like, six years ago"!! Hilarious! Wonder what all the cowboys would think about that? My partner has been wearing them for decades!!!