Monday, March 19, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

"Painting makes you happy" - so Baby Joe told me. He always seems to be sensitive to what makes me happy and what makes me "cross". He's often asks, "Are you just pretending to be cross?" He never asks me if I'm pretending to be happy. 

He's a very perceptive almost 3 year old.

I didn't know it, but he's right! Painting does make me happy. I didn't know it, because I don't do it very often. I love to paint rooms - I love playing with colour. But I don't often paint a picture. This is the second oil painting I have done in my life. Which is a bit silly - because painting makes me happy. And we should do what makes us happy.
The painting is on a small wooden cupboard door from the sideboard in the hallway, and will go back there when it is dry. We love Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Mexican Virgin Mary, at our house.

 Speaking of Mexican - I'm off to make quesadillas for dinner now.

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  1. I love our Lady of Guadalupe too and I love the picture you painted. The Catholic church close to our home is named "Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe," the Spanish version. Thanks for posting your beautiful painting.