Friday, March 2, 2012


Can you guess what I'm going to do these foxes?

 Oh hipster people out there.Have you noticed that when you wear your tight high-waisted (coloured) jeans with your lace up oxfords, that there’s a little gap where the Autumn chill can get through? Oh the ankle freezer’s curse!  Hence, I introduce to you - 
the ankle warmer.

What do I call these little foxy things?? Spats? Gaiters? I don’t know the technical term. And  I still need to perfect the pattern for optimum placement of fox head, tail versus width of ankle and to make a child size version too. So stay tuned for the make your own foxy gaiters/spats/ankle warmer kit....coming soon...back to the stitching.


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    1. Should have known to consult a sartorial gentleman like you. Thanks!

  2. Too-oooo Foxy! Pinned to my Fox Love board.

    1. You might also like my "pin the moustache on Mr Fox

  3. They are very cute clever.