Friday, February 10, 2012

Don't doily dally

You can count on Lovely Liz from Betty Jo Designs and Gleaners Inc to get us revved up and onto something new. First there were flying ducks and now it's doilies! The new exhibition inspiration for the Gleaners inc!
Liz cleverly reworks doilies in her lino creations - doilies and lino being pretty much a match made in Nanna heaven! So now our brains are tick tick ticking (or more like chug chug chugging) into gear.

Distracting? Pleasantly so! Thanks Liz for encouraging the crafty creativity and being the exhibition hostess with the mostess!

Inspiration #1 - doilies in 3D!!

Upcycled doily lamp by Shannon South of remade in the USA. The shadows created are lovely.

Doily car from Museum Kampa in Prague (but I can't seem to find out the artist?)
Doily cup of tea by Irena Pilarczyk
           Doily lanterns by Veronica at my hands made it. 

And a doily dog by Gold Coast artist Erica Gray.

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  1. oh that doiley light shade is so nice. Love it.