Thursday, December 22, 2011

Season for Giving

We were looking at all the presents last night and both my partner and I had a bit of a stomach lurch at the excess of it. So we took away some of the presents and donated them to The ABC Giving Tree Appeal. Today is the last day for leaving gifts so if you have some extras and let's face it- most of us do - then you can leave them at the ABC shop or the Melbourne City Mission has more information on donation here.

The Asylum Seekers Resource Centre has a terrific website with clear steps how we can help. They have a page of 10 things you can do
You can give a one off donation or ongoing donation of money, volunteer to tutor English or donate food. My sister tutors a girl from Burma with her child care studies in Bendigo, so this isn't just something people in the city can do.

I'm sure there are many other charities and organisations we can help at this time of year - and in fact, all year.  Feel free to add your links and comments!


  1. The Benevolent Society is also good. One year I asked all my friends to give me a few things which I picked up and delivered. We ended up with a stack of stuff and it was nice to do something as a group. They also provide great guidelines and ideas about items to give. Thanks for reminding me about this as I have not done it for a few years. Now that my children are older, it will be great for them to participate.

  2. How admirable of you and your partner to cull your presents! Thank you for that link to the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre too. You certainly have the Christmas spirit within you Julianne, and I hope you had a wonderful day! :)

  3. We still had way too much stuff. Excessive! We've decided that we'll get the kids to help out with donating something each year as part of our traditions because I agree Melita - it's great to get them to participate.