Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm sticking with you...

How to make patchwork hexagon fridge magnets and fridge bunting with the left overs

Gift making tutorial

You will need:
fabric(smallish scraps) 
needle and thread
craft glue
stanley knife (optional)
hexagon template (provided below) 
cardboard/old box
magnetic sheet 6mm thick (self adhesive optional)

I used this block from the kids play set to cut around -it's sides measure 2.5 cm - but I have provided the same sized template here.

You may want to stick it onto some thick card for multiple uses.

Cut out hexagon from card with stanley knife or trace and use scissors.

Iron your fabric and cut your fabric out roughly around the hexagon with an overlap.

Fold and glue the fabric, keeping it tight around the card


stitch in place as you would for patchwork - which I found faster, easier and less mucky!
Just a stitch in each corner. You can spray the card with a little spray adhesive for the fabric to stay still.

Trace around your hexagon on the magnet sheeting. I used a stanley knife to score the  sheet then cut through with scissors. If using the self adhesive sheets, cut on the "wrong" side - the black side- as the white side is really slippery.

Iron the covered hexagon to get it really flat.Peel paper from adhesive or apply a thin layer of craft glue.

 Stick on the covered hexagon!

Make six for a flower

They look sweet on a stainless steel fridge too, trust me! 

It didn't photograph so well.

I found I had left over magnetic sheet triangles...hmmm...well.. it was obvious wasn't it....magnetic fridge bunting!!

Cut your fabric to size around the triangle.

Peel and expose sticky side (or apply thin layer or glue.

Place length of ric rac or thin ribbon across the triangle.(I used mini ric rac)

Apply glue to the ric rac so the fabric sticks over it.

Place fabric carefully on triangle.

Repeat, attaching the ric rac/ ribbon to the next triangle...and so on....

Make it as short or long as you like!

Happy gift making!


  1. Love these! So much prettier than boring old fridge magnets.

  2. I love the fridge bunting ... that is so nice.

  3. OMG im so going to make that!! Thankyou..may even have to share your tute on my blog if thats ok??