Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How the wind up wound up....

Winding embroidery yarn around things turned out to be a fairly calm and therapeutic Christmas craft....slowly winding, winding....not much brain power required....

The hair combs look lovely in the hair. I also bought some really large sturdy combs and covered them too - forgot to take pictures before I wrapped them.

Anything else I can wind yarn around??I like it. My eldest daughter has been making combs for friends this year too.  We wind together.


  1. I absolutely love your winding! How do you finish it off? A knot? How old is your daughter who is making them? I think my 7 year old would love to give it a go. I would definitely wear one of those bracelets.

  2. I use a small bit of craft glue for the start and end bits of each colour. You could knot your bits together. I found shorter pieces lead to less tangles! I think a 7 year old with dexterity could easily do this - if it looks untidy you just keep winding! I got bangles from the op shop.

  3. Love the hair combs!
    I've wound yarn around two embroidery hoops to make my christmas wreath for the front door.

  4. Winding is good Curly pops!I almost kept the top bangle for myself but rediscovered my Christmas spirit and gave it away in the end!