Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Craft - recycled felt 2

How to make a knitted Christmas Tree card!
1. Hot wash a greenish jumper to create felt or just cut up a greenish jumper - ask first if it is not yours! As long as you glue it pretty much straight away it won't unravel. 
This triangle measures 7 cm across the base x 8.5 x 8.5 cm sides.
2. Stitch on coloured buttons as baubles. This could be glued unstead of stitched I guess!
3. Add silver thread tinsel in long zig-zag stitches.
4. Glue tree to the front of the card.
5.Cut out a bucket for the base -I recycle old wrapping paper/cards/music/wall paper for this. Glue in place.
6.Glue a star button or sticker star on the top of your tree.
note: I covered the card with commercial white felt as the background.
Merry Christmas!
Writing Christmas cards in on my Christmas to-do list today. First I have to make them!
But the sun is shining! The park beckons! The "really, really big park" and the museum - even though the kids say "but the animals there are all dead"! Picnic in the park first - Christmas cards later!!!


  1. What a cute idea and what a wonderful way to recycle old cards. Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Love the Christmas tree, what a great idea.

  3. Oh, your Christmas crafts are so lovely. I am sitting here trying to get into the spirit of Christmas, and you are helping. Thank you.

  4. Yes, Melita, it's hard sometimes not to see Christmas as just extra work isn't it? My partner's motto in everything is "Keep it simple - ask for help"! Good advice I think. Oh and it should be fun!