Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas craft: Paper

Well, it's finally time! December is here! And everyone is getting into the Christmas/Craftmas spirit here so I thought I'd share some of the things we are making at our place. In fact - the twins (aged 4) are so keen on decorating the house, that today they hung undies and kitchen utensils all over the house! Clean undies....but still... not recommended!

Garlands are my "thing" this year. And I'm still keen on reindeer. So I've made this template for a leaping deer with Adobe illustrator and I've used some vintage wallpaper to cut them out.

 I cut on the outside of the line to make it a bit easier. Once I have cut them out I glue them to a length of ric -rac just across the antlers. You could use any sort of ribbon really. I stitch little loops at each end for easy hanging.

I have also been making reindeer paper chains based on this template below which I also created on Adobe Illustrator. Cut out the template then fold the paper to size in a concertina and don't cut on the left side at the antlers and the right side at the back leg. I used old wall paper again - which was, quite frankly, too tricky! But it works well in lighter weight paper - crepe, tissue or even brown paper on a roll.

The template below I used for a felt decoration but it would work well in paper too! You could add a frosty layer of tracing paper for an icy effect!

 Happy Craftmas!


  1. These are so nice, thanks for the templates they are great. Think I'll have a go at making them.

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