Saturday, October 22, 2011



Inge Jacobsen is a 24 year old artist based in London. These Vogue covers have been cross stitched by hand over the actual magazine.
This one has been woven....

Inge says on her website:
"Another theme and concept I’m exploring in my work is the ‘objectness’ of a photograph. By bringing the surface of the image to the attention of the viewer I want them to acknowledge the stitched pieces as objects rather than just images. It seems appropriate to be using fashion magazines as women are often objectified within them. There is also a link between the feminine craft of cross stitching and the women’s magazine. I’d like the viewer to see the connection between women’s hobbies from generations ago and the hobbies and past-times of my generation. I can, and have, spent long periods of time reading Vogue magazines just like my grandmother and her sisters spent a long time cross-stitching." 

I think she's onto something. 

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